Night is a world lit by itself


Night Outs are part of a guys life, and for me today is a night out day, because of the cricket between India and England. The last time I did a night out was when there was a proposal to be given for a client. Though Night Outs use to be a common practice while in college with exams hovering over the head.

Why do people do Night Outs? Because 24 hours is less for many things in life or we spend too much time on things that don’t deserve
the same attention. On of the very few reasons I can see for a Night out is what I have now, Watching a game after 22 years with my wife as the game is placed in India and I live in US. Well the game my wife and India playing, the Night Out is worth it.

What I would not want to do Night Out is something I don’t think there is a reason for. well it has happened, I am not among those who can honestly say that every decision taken in life has been my own. I have been forced to take it on the pretext of life, fear, obligation responsibility and more.

Not anymore, No Night Outs that are not told yes by my heart…

My Two Cents

Night out when your heart says!

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