I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today

It is interesting to explore what happens after 10 days of countdown. Well since I have not been promoting the site, I have had a few hits from stumble upon and that’s it. But personally if has been a gratifying experience to touch on subject a day that means something to me. Since I did not have much to say today, I thought looking back would be a good topic for the day. We look all sides when we live our life. We look forward to things, we look sideways to see who is with us and who are not with us, and we often look back and see how we have travelled so far.

Looking back can bring up a varied set of emotions in people. Some might get nostalgic, while some would feel sad, some angry while
some in pain, some are happy they did a good job. Whatever be the feeling everyone involved can act only in one way, no one can change what has happened. Looking back will not change how it looked but the way in which you look back can change the way they appear now.

While we cannot change anything we can control and are our own authority in how we feel about things in the past. Especially when people reach forty they invariably look back like someone reaching a pivotal milestone in life and I wish everyone is happy and contented. The most beautiful thing is that you are not even half way and you still have a lot you can give and contribute. Looking back should be an exercise for rejuvenation and not that of rejection.

My Two Cents

When you get time: Look back and Enjoy!


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