If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy

Would this world have been different if Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa been in the pursuit of wealth? Or let me rephrase would we have had a better world if that had happened? Would anyone of us trade our world for that one? I won’t for sure

This world has been positively shaped by those who pursued many things other than wealth. People might bring up the name of Bill Gates
or Steve jobs who have redefined the boundaries and possibilities of wealth generation for the common guy. But I still don’t think either of them was in the pursuit to make money, for them it was a pursuit of what they love and believe in and that I believe was not money.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is not important to have money, but it is important to know what is enough and also to know that you can be driven by money even without you knowing. Creation of wealth by honest means is not at all a dishonorable action, it is more over a need of our current world. Yet the question of what shapes the world the pursuit of money or the pursuit of something other than money, well there according to me money pursuits fails. They become just individual gratification engines.

There is always a point in a person’s life where the next dollar he earns or saves will never be used in his life time, may be never used at all. But it is tough to predict this exact dollar increment and I have found that it will be a futile pursuit to find when that dollar hits your bank. The only choice we have with life is keep wealth on one side and pursue our interests. Look at the bigger picture, see that you as a tiny speck can make so significant a change in this world if only you look beyond money…

My Two Cents

No one makes enough money to be truly happy!

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