Allow your mind to wander and ask questions; don’t bother about the answers

You fear of losing only when you have something to lose. This means that as man is busy in the pursuit of the ownership, his fear also should increase. This would then mean that the person who owns the most should fear the most, but we have seen that with the power to instill fear comes abundant material wealth. This is then a contradiction.

Again should fear be only of losing material wealth or should it also be the fear of losing one’s own character. Does fear of losing your character stop someone from doing wrong and will the absence of this fear make some others always do wrong? May be it is the fear of law that stops people from doing something wrong. If this has to be true then in a lawless land will all people be criminals? And will ‘wrong’ then be the norm? what would happen if a man of good character lands up there. Will he be punished for being good?

If we for once assume that in a lawless land everyone will be good because there is no need to be bad, how many would agree to that? Because there is no law to be broken; would it mean that wrong or right would not exist? Or would it mean that right and wrong would reverse its positions? Can we imagine of something that does not belong to either side? Something that cannot be identified as good or bad, something that cannot be right or wrong.

In our day to day life we often hear that someone is neither good nor bad or that some action is neither right nor wrong. What do they mean by this? In simple terms it probably just means we do not care. So a world where there is no right or wrong people will not care for each other. So a caring world is where both sides exist. If so that is where I wish to live so I can make a choice between the right and wrong. I can ponder on the idea of goodness and then I can debate and if needed confront the wrong and in this confrontation attain progress (whatever progress will then mean to me).

This is so Silly! Let the mind wander; let the pen run and the ink will tell a story 🙂

My Two Cents

Be silly, wander and question in your mind!

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