The Only way to help yourself is to believe in yourself

Self help books are a Big Market. If I understand correct the self help books are meant to be read and practiced and you can help yourself without external support. But even with such a market for self help books, people flock in front of self proclaimed healers and magic men and women who claim to eradicate whatever is bothering you. If self-help books would really help then no one would go to these magicians. I guess the bottom line is problems are part of life and moving one away gives room for another and so on it goes. Interestingly you end up living a life worrying than enjoying. It is also interesting to note that the biggest problem people have is lack of Money

I am now reading a book that made a lot of sensation earlier and a fairly large following “The Secret” and I was looking at how they marketed themselves. It seems the biggest promotion of the book came from motivational speaker sites and well, quick money making websites. One of the people associated with it even says (quoted in Wiki) that they deliberately marketed it on avenues where people were searching for quick riches. Because as they say they knew that majority of people alive are in search of a quick way to get rich. That is brutally honest, but I wonder, where it will all lead when the search is for quick fixes. I am not alien to this; I am also part of it, the quick fix searcher. So let me rephrase; where do we plan to find ourselves if the only thing that motivates us is a quick resolution for every problem?

My Two Cents

All quick fixes will fall apart quick enough!


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