The Calmness and the anger, both reside in you!

Anger is an emotion that affects not the person alone but much of what he is connected with, friends, family, society, it spreads throughout the world he lives. Man has tried to control anger for a long time and yet it shows up its face in the house, on the streets, in the commuter train and in offices. People say meditation calms someone, though I don’t know that for sure, I would love to believe that. Anger emerges from our relationship with our surroundings, the time factor, and people we connect with and also our way of thinking. The first step of approaching anger might be the realization that anger is a trait, not just in humans but also in animals, though in animals it is often connected with fear. With human’s fear can bring about anger, but also does your whole way of thinking on how the world around you should function.

I strongly believe that with everything that we wish to know, we need to first accept its existence and if we look at it from the pedestal of the two life streams theory we could probably get more deeper. Anger could be seen as coming out in two ways one by effecting our external self that makes us react and play out the anger with people and things around us. Another is the anger that we build up in our internal self which holds itself without manifesting our external self due to several external factors that over power our ability to express it.

Irrespective of where the anger resides at a moment, we could start depending on our other self to analyze it. If our internal self is angered, we could use the help of our external self and its connections to clam ourself in. This includes talking to someone, entering in a calm dialogue with another external self like our friend or family member or even showing up that anger out in a planned manner so we are relieved of the suffocation. If our external self is angered often we would have acted by the time we realized and we will have to face the consequences of it. Yet the prolonged affect could be curtailed if we allow our internal self to start influencing and powering up. Analyze the situation; realize the existence of anger in our external self, look at the surroundings and force our external self to be quite. Most external anger are momentary, short and instant unless we allow it to grow on and the human nature is anger makes one feel powerful and invincible and people often keep riding that horse. We need to either analyze and figure the folly, deliberately move out or be over powered by another angry external self who is part of the act.

My Two Cents: First accept that Anger exists; then analyze and extinquish

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