Humility and not Achievement differentiates one Achiever from the other

Humility is the trait of a man who knows that nothing and no one is invincible. It is also the trait that differentiates two people by their view of the world. It is easier said than done. While we very well know that humility is important, we also crave for appreciation and then that appreciation hits our head and we forget that humility ever existed.  Appreciation is an activity that affects your external self through its connections and humility is something that your internal self should cultivate and the external self should experience and manifest itself as a response to the appreciation.

This is not always the case, the external self often forgets the existence of an internal self, gets carried away by appreciations and respond back with pride and in due course breed negativity. And this is perfectly OK because your external self is susceptible to every phenomenon in this world; its role is to experience this world completely. Every experience in this world is available for your external self without the differentiation or good or bad and it is OK if it experiences it for it is just being its own self. Your internal self is what lives away from the rules of the world. No one dictates your internal self, except for the occasional influence from your external self. So you internal self is free to perform its analysis, make constructive outlooks of what humility would mean in the external world and push the feeling of humility out to influence your external self.

This is a planned process and many times happens without knowing, and our lack of accepting the existence of an internal self, makes us unknown to this push. And the effect is that humility never takes effect in our external self. Humility when it manifests in the external self will affect our relationships and connections and the world will respond back and acknowledge us. Humility is a trait of the internal self because it can exist only if it remains totally detached from the success and achievement which is a completely external phenomenon. Humility also adds up as a main ingredient of happiness.

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