The Rogue Wave


Standing by the sea, I whispered to a wave
that touched my feet and played around
“Give me a piece of history that I can take home;
something that someone gave you;
when they stood here years ago’
the wave retreated
promising to be back soon
and I waited


I waited for days and months
and then one day it came back
gave me a torn shoe, a baby shoe
eaten by fish, much of it
I asked ‘what is the story?’
‘Look inside’ said the wave


I looked inside
Into the darkness in the small shoe
And I softly asked ‘who are you?’
“I am you” came the reply
“Who?” I asked
“I am you” I am you”
Came the reply over again


I looked at it and
the tears flowed like a river
It had been thirty years
And I still remember
It had been thirty years
Just like yesterday
I still remember


A summer afternoon
Thirty years ago
same beach, same time
I was there and my dad
playing in sand
making castles with pots
And there were waves
Lots of them


Then it had playfully come
Knocked down my castle
And took my shoes away
I cried to my dad
Asked him to get it
Mom said no,
but I kept crying
Mom scolded but dad smiled


He followed the wave
to get it back for me
It has been thirty years
And I get my shoes back
I look at the wave and yell at it
“Where is my dad?
Where is he?
I don’t want my shoes
Bring my daddy back
Bring my daddy back”


But there was no wave
It had gone, lost somewhere
I looked at my son
Took him in my arms
held him tight and –
pointed to the sea
I cried out loud
As he hugged me back
With his tiny hands
I am a dad today
But the son in me is
Still alive, still alive

Categories: Poetry


8 replies

  1. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece!

  2. So touching… Beautifully told story, kept my attention til the very end.

  3. great vinod…. so touching ….

  4. Beautiful expression of father/son relationship.

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