Change Eats You

Time flies, people change
Thoughts, wants, relations, life
Change eats every one
From outside going deep inside
Or from inside eating out of you
Just hold on to love and let go of hate
Be Liberal and never indifferent
Embrace responsibility, it is yours
Find happiness in giving over taking
Don’t try to be in control, just let go
Anything else that changes for you
Just don’t bother, they matter no more
Change eats into everyone
Change eats most of us
Some are beyond time and change
They were assholes years ago
They remain assholes even today
In a stinking air of arrogant pomp
They eat change before it is born

Categories: Poetry


7 replies

  1. So very true. “I” have to take the first step though.

  2. I like the rhythm.
    This one really makes me think.

  3. I absolutely love this and have to tell you that I lol when I read that first a-hole, perfect usage and a great poem.

  4. Change is the only constant in life. Though a little cliche but we should embrace change as a positive element in our life and continue to hold onto those things which are important to us. Withstanding the test of change, those are the stuff we should treasure and keep close to our heart!
    Good characterisation of change!

  5. Ha..time does change everything! Great ending 🙂

  6. do you really believe change is a bad thing?

    between buildings

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