Questions for August 15th

Another August 15th
Another Independence Day….
Another set of questions…….
what is patriotism…?
How should one celebrate…?

Unable to stand corruption,
wrong doings and cowardice
in the ranks of power
Should we wrap ourself up
in the tricolor National flag
And for the love for our country
that bubbles inside us…..
Should we cry out loud…….
Sing the National Anthem…..
and be at peace!
May be not….Not this time…

Then what about the crooks,
the scoundrels, and corrupt minds
who day in and day out
play hide and seek under the same flag
use it to cover their true rotten images
and fIll their greedy appetite
by eating our society inside out
What right do we have to
stand and salute the flag
when these rogues are loose

Can we expose them all
Take Actions……
strip the national flag from them
make them stand naked
in front of the country
ridicule, belittle and punish them….
till they start shouting
“Jai Hind” “Vande Mataram”
“Mera Bharat Mahan”
Then we would have probably
earned our right….
the right to stand up and
salute our flag
May be……

Too harsh, too forceful, too unready for it all….?
too unbecoming of the non-violent soul in us…?

May be every celebration can start
by not becoming a part of corruption
By Calling out Corruption where ever you see
starting today……
Write about it…..Talk…scream about it….
Let this August 15th be a start
when uncorrupt minds will start
taking the rule back…..

The Question then is Simple…
Can this August 15th make us all
be on the side of the people of India…?
On the side of all those who lost their life
freeing this country
that we are so proud to call ours….?
Can we….?

Can we…..
Be on the side of the millions
the millions unrecognized and uncorrupted Indians
Uncorrupted in Government offices
Uncorrupted in Politics
Uncorrupted in education
Uncorrupted in Healthcare
Uncorrupted in Public Services
Uncorrupted in every walk
of the amazing Indian life
Can we be on the side of the
uncorrupted millions…….

Can every Indian make this August 15th
A day for the uncorrupted
A day for the real soul of India
The Indian who will stand fearless
in front of every persuasion
seduction and temptation….
and say…..
“Mera Bharat Mahan
I am an Indian and
I cannot be Corrupted”
“Mera Bharat Mahan
I am an Indian and
I cannot be Corrupted”

Jai Hind!

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