A Prank that took a life

Pranks are fun some say…. but when it gets tragic the world for many does not remain the same again…. I still remember the voice of the nurse (jacintha saldanha) in duty when the aussie pranksters called in posing as queen to know more about  Kate Middleton’s baby…. As I heard it being aired on morning TV no one would have thought it would all end up like this…

That nurse Jacintha Saldanha who had taken the pranksters call is no more….she was found dead hanging in her apartment… reports say she took her life….tragic…yes…..

The DJs who played the prank have a definite responsibility….but if they had the slightest thought that this could end up in such a tragedy… who knows may be they would not have done it… . because inherently in our human self we always dare not to do something to intentionally harm another person (at least in terms of the pranks)…. Though some are always less informed and less thoughtful of the consequences of their actions….

That being said… there was a world demand to know if Kate was pregnant…. and that was the damn freakin problem at its core… There are thousands of kids born every day… and if so it would be just another addition to the population… just like our kids…what the heck…. Having lived in the UK for a while I know how much the world around cares to bring forward the garbage in the palace toilets from yesteryears, package it in media frenzy and deliver it on dinner tables for every household to consume and later puke….Crap… absolute 100% Royal Crap

The world has been hanging on to this Royal family queen/duchess shit for way too long…. In a world where everyone should be considered equal… there is nothing such as Royal…. We are all equal…

We should also understand that we all live on a very thin balance at different level of stress…. at work….. at home…. in the society….. privately holding what we want to keep private…. not wanting harm befall on others or us…. And then something happens for no fault of ours and you are thrown in front of the world…. one can only imagine how the world would react….

So in this case I am sure when a proper investigation is done you can find people who might have told Jacintha that she was wrong for not understanding who called…..that she did not take the necessary precaution to verify… that she is guilty for not catching the pranksters…. The whole world would have just pointed fingers acting they are smarter than her…. But sadly the truth is…. she was in duty at that time and if it was any one of us, we too would have in very high chance fallen into believing the call for real… excited unable to get our senses we too would have played on with the pranksters.. that’s human…. can happen to any one…

We all hold a responsibility in what happened… We all do…. When we laugh… when we mock someone…. We should understand that our actions have consequences in varied levels to different people…… there are thousands of a**holes like these DJs who make a living out of these pranks… for cheap publicity… a scoop…. or just for fun… but fun for whom….

It might be tough to stop pranks from happening in the world….. but what we can do is change our approach to these things…. stand by the person who got duped…. because you are not a bit smarter than that person… you can be duped into anything in the right time…. we are so human….

So the question is how do we address what happened…. we talk about it… we should understand what happened… we should look into what went wrong… we should keep reminding ourselves that this could happen to us also….

For a moment think of the family…. the dreams they had… the years ahead they had planned… the life that was cut short by a prank…. a silly prank to pull some royal scoop that will fetch a few dollars…. Think of something like this happening to you… your family….. my family…. our family….

When someone is no more… a part of everyone who knew that person goes with them…. you become more incomplete and lesser with the lose of everyone you know…. however small way we know them…. I know I feel incomplete today… and I am sure you will feel too… because what connects us is that feeling of completeness when we know one another…..

Before deciding that we could have done nothing to stop what happened… we should be ready to take a moral responsibility on what happened…. as a human being…. it will only change our life for the better and of the people you know…. A moral responsibility to something bad that happens in the society we live, is the core to coexisting…

My thoughts go to the beavered family… the husband and two teenage kids who have lost a mother and wife to the consequences of our world’s brutal media attraction to unwanted celebrity garbage…

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