Rape.. Respect.. Reformation.. Responsibility…

Before we cry out for capital punishment, public chop ceremonies on rapists and more…. we should look at how women are treated in our societies…. the root cause of a rape happening is not just the lustful whims of a few…. it is much more monstorous than that and more deep rooted into our societies and affects each one of us…. we are all victims and responsible when a rape happens in our society…

A rape is much beyond the physical humiliation and pain it inflicts…. it is the direct result of an outlook that the society has been breeding which in itself should change… if you step back from the actual act of a rape we might be able to see what leads to such an incident…. while we can hope our authorities and law of the country can quickly give the perpetrators of a rape the highest punishment that they deserve…. we should not stop with that…. because this needs more attention that the punishment…

In the core there lies a definite lack of respect for women coupled with the feeling that the male organ is superior just because it gets to do the thrust… this feeling always trickles down from adults to kids in our society without even getting into the specifics…. often forcing kids to grow without respect for their female counterparts….

Another reason could be that a male having more physical strength than a female of the same age gives a feeling of superiority…. but this is such a farce as what people fail to realize is that as humans we have grown far from the need of physical power to the applications of mental power…. And if you take mental power… a male is far far inferior on areas of love.. affection… consideration… accomodation… inclusion…. support…. and anything you could list….

When the mental and physical abilities nullify both male and female remain equal… but since we are in the era of mind and not that of the body… the female is slightly above the male….the men need to accept it….

Many times the Lack of respect a male shows to a female is because of a percieved superiority feeling….. but strongly driven by a very deep rooted inferiority feeling that they are lesser than the woman…

When they see women rise up in professions they thought they were the rulers… when they see that women are free to walk and do what only they use to do before…. when they see that their inability can no more be blamed on the women they know…. when they realize that for them to be a true human they should shed off their egotic tyranical mindsets and be ready to rise up in their mind to the level of a woman and be inclusive of poeple around you…. probably they feel inferior and use their brute force to camouflage their incompetenceresulting in acts like a rape…

This Lack of Respect when mixed with traditional and cultural garbages that dictate a lifestyle for a section of the people we have a society of maniacs that need treatment… along with this adding a array of issues like Alchoholism, Drugs, lack of hope, lawlessness, corruption, misunderstanding of privilages and rights all bring in front of us the need for a larger social reformation excercise…. for that to happen as I always keep telling we need to be morally responsible for everything that happens in our society even if we are not directly involved or can do nothing to revert that particular act of harm….

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