Detachment – 2012 English Movie Review

detachment_movie2The movie Detachment (2012 English) starts with an Albert Camus quote “And never have I felt so deeply at one and the same time so detached from myself and so present in the world”….. The movie is the a month in the life of a substitute teacher (Mr. Barthes) played by Adrien Brody who takes up an assignment at a high school….

His teaching goes beyond the curriculum and focuses on imparting knowledge that gets to the core of being good and addressing the troubles teens go through….

detachment_movie1Through him the movie also takes us through the life of other teachers and students in the school and people with whom he interacts during this time…..

While battling with his own demons from childhood he also reconnects and rediscovers himself through his interactions with the new people he meets during this one month including a young prostitute on the streets, a fellow teacher, a troubled teenager and others…..

The movie is nothing like a substitute series where you have a cop coming to a troubled school to fix things around….. this movie is way different from that… thought provoking, intense and mind bending…..

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