Husbands Hangover – 365 FlashFiction #5

It is not an easy task to change a man and you very well know that if you did it you have to keep doing it…. They rot pretty fast… So you always have a choice to stick on with him for some more time and keep your options open…

So this is the logic…. Hold on to the idiot for some more time till he becomes too useless and in the meantime find someone an adorable fool  who can really understand you… or claims to and is happy about it… By that time your idiot would have given up… Gone insane trying to figure out what happened or would have proposed to move out…

Now for the fool… he is a new guy…. very excited and it is a big start for him…  he understands or at least thinks so…. Yes.. But there should be some tests performed to make sure how long he can withstand you….. Some simple tests….. They have lots of that mentioned in the book “how to survive and thrive beyond one husband”.

If he passes in the tests then give him some time…… When you play men well initially they kind of stick around longer… you stuffs like making them wait, subtly connect them with the fool in them and so on… yes over time age and sense catches up and they whither…. But they are stuck well when they are there…

So now you have the idiot out of the door…. and you have your adorable fool at the door thinking he can understand you well…. He has passed all tests and he has been waiting outside for a while…. You now have two choices
One choice is to ask him to leave and then reach back to him after a month or so and repeat that as long as you want or
Other choice is to just let him in…. because you are ready…
both are fine

In option one if you ask him to leave then do the same drill after a month…. tests.. and so on.
In option two if you are letting him in now you know the drill…

End of the Blog Post…

She finished reading the blog post and then posted a comment….She likes to always share her views
“Hi there…. Great blog… great title… great content “Husbands Hangover” wow… and I am thinking…. How do I get out the pieces of the old idiot from my life…. and how long is the new fool going to stick around…”

She clicked post and went for a shower… she has a date with the fool tonight….
After her shower she came back to check the blog again…. She wanted to read it once again before leaving…  She saw a new comment…
a reply to her comment?…. May be the author…

She read the comment
“Thanks for stopping by and posting the comment…. well the idiot will be around for some time… but you need to be OK with it….. Don’t let the idiot feel he has lost…. He should feel victory and for that you have to play it down… and for the new fool…. He will stick around till his own ego will take him down…. There is no way he can ever understand you… you are beyond the comprehension of idiots and fools.. Sadly both of which are men and you I think are straight…. So…. I would say… Thanks for reading and hang on there…. You will get over your Husbands Hangover soon”

As she finished reading… her phone rang…
“Hi this is your adorable fool…?”
“Hey… are you downstairs….?”
“I will be there in a few…… yes…. Yes….. love you too….”

She kept the phone down and thought
“Wow that is really smart.. he has started addressing himself as the adorable fool and he is so happy about it…. Never thought he would accept before hand…. Cool… today is going to be a fun night…. Yes he is ready… yes he is ready… I will open the door for him today. I am done with my husbands hangover… I am done with the husbands hangover”

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