The Story David Never Told – 365 Flash Fiction #9

David was a distant cousin of Goliath… not many people knew about it…. in fact Goliath’s maternal aunt who took care of Goliath’s mom during her delivery later on moved from her village got married to David’s uncle… When David was born she also took care of his mom… that is what really happened…so David and Goliath were distant cousins….

Once when David was playing with his toy sling he heard his aunt speak to his mom… Aunt looked around and whispered to his mom loud enough for his little ears to pick it
“You know that Goliath…. whose mom I took care during her delivery…. he was such a huge baby…. it was a terror getting him out….”

As David’s mom listened to her she continued “I will tell you a small secret, the kid has a physical problem… they call it Gigantism… it is kind of an abnormality… he is very slow… cannot move fast and they say he also has poor eyesight… his mom was very worried about him”

“This is the Pendant his mom gave me, one she put on Goliath and one for me…..” She said….  “She told me that when you find someone who can be a good friend and support for her son give it to him…”

As David’s mom looked at his aunt she took the pendant and gave it to her….. “Give this to David… I know he will take care of Goliath”

David continued to play with his sling but he would not forget what he heard…. later when he called Goliath for the battle and killed him… people cheered David….. he did not bother to tell them his story either and how he was related to Goliath…

People did not notice some of the minute details of the battle… just before using the stone on the sling, David had put the pendant on the sling and flung it at Goliath…. Goliath remembered the pendant and and recognized David as his saviour who will get him out of his wretched life…. But before he could call out and put his weapon down the stone had left for its destination… rest is another story…. but this one David never told anyone….

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