How well do you know your Highchooler?

That is a very interesting question especially when you have a highschooler. Some would think they know everything and some would think they know nothing. And both might be wrong…

You might know so much more about your highschooler than you think, because after all they have grown learning from seeing you. You might also be in the spectrum where you are totally wrong about what and how much you know; again they have grown learning from seeing you.

Here is an interesting blog, it is more of a project than a blog (Click on the Image below to go to the Site)


The parent(s) ask their highschooler a question every day and the highschooler answers. And these  questions are nothing about their grade, but about the world we all live. About life, about future, about dreams, about likes and dislikes, it is about opinions, fears, love and more…. Some questions might be too much to get an answer for, maybe there is no straight answer, nevertheless there is an attempt to answer.

Parenting is not easy, it gets complex as the kid grows and being a kid is also not easy, its gets tougher as you grow… Communication is what is needed and there is a connection beyond communication, and it is important that both Parents and Kids use the technology available today to make it a great place to live and love

Check the website and follow it to know more about the questions and if a similar project will help you and your highschooler as well….

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