Reviews don’t always add value – My review on SRK’s Happy New Year

HNY2Writing a review for a Shahrukh Khan Movie is a total waste of time because not many go to SRK movie after reading a review. Same goes for Aamir Khan and Rajnikanth Movies. Some stars are above review and star rating models. The profitability of their movies are never dependent on the people who watch their movies after reading the reviews. For these actors the fans make it a success…. they are not dependent on reviews….

Again even if you decide to watch every release of these actors in the theater you will at the maximum spend 9 to 12 hours a year (one movie per year for each actor) and the same in tickets. So your expense and time spend on these actors is capped for every year…. Many other actors take more money and time from you all for delivering some un-watchable movies….

HNY1I am writing this review not to really review the movie much, but to be honest if I write on the movie ‘Happy New Year’ I know I will get some extra traffic to my blog. So a very selfish reason here… That being said, the movie is not bad…. It is a fun movie…… Again I am not a SRK Fan, I think he is a load of over acting… but one cannot deny that he has style and you can see that he puts so much commitment into the movie… That by itself is worth applause…. At least for me, Sharukh does not bore me in this movie though he has the ability to do so…..

So ‘Happy New Year’ is not a boring movie; there are many opportunities for you to laugh, there is good action, a lot of color and nice visuals. The ‘Indiawalle’ song has an excellent dance beat to it and you can feel it in the theater as well……

265788-srk-happy-new-yearEveryone was good Shahrukh, Abhishek, Deepika, Boman, Sonu, Vivaan and Jackie… all went well with the picture…. This is not a movie you will remember, but you can at least forget much about everything for three hours when you watch it…

I know if you are not planning to see the movie my review will not make you see it and that is not my intention here; nor will you stop seeing because of my review, and that is also not my intention. But I think it will be fun to go and watch….. we did not take the kids, but I am sure kids would have enjoyed it….

Now I know some people who have read my review and watched the movie and commented that it was so bad and we saw because of your review…. You know what, some people have this feeling that saying they don’t like these movies makes them feel intelligent…. Movies that make you think are not the only good ones, movies that make you forget is also a good one….. Some movies don’t do either of this and still remain success and in the 100 crore list…. So watch what you feel like; don’t go by what I say…..

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