Kiran Bedi was a Supercop; but there is no Superpolitician, there is only ‘the politician’

Kiran_BediSomeone asked me if I had an opinion about Kiran Bedi running for election and, honestly I do not have one. She is an Indian citizen and she can run for what ever she wants, election or marathon and in which ever party she wants. It is all her choice.

Now , Yes she was against politics….. have spoken against it always. It was evident that she even considered politics a very low level act of trickery, dishonesty and double dealing and thought it was not for a straight person like her. Or even for her comrade Arvind Kejriwal. That was why she opposed AK entering politics. But then she can change her views if she wants, and that is her choice as well. She might have decided (or found out) that politics is not all that bad, that she was delusional before or may be she thinks that now she is ready to be lowered to the ranks of the low she always opposed. All her personal choice.

And when she has changed her mind, AAP is not a good choice, the ruling party is ideal and being able to ride the Modi wave is not bad, not at all bad. I think it is a very intelligent move. I don’t know how many people think that she is joining the ruling BJP to improve her success in politics. But if people think it is OK then they will vote for her. If not they won’t. It is all what people think. Not me. I do not even have a vote in Delhi elections. She says she is in it because of the leadership of Modi. So it is not my opinion that counts, it is her opinions and views that one should be really worried about 🙂

AK=KB=anticorruption; Since KB=BJP now; BJP=anticorruption.. Right? No WRONG completely WRONG

What I infer from her joining BJP and contesting election is that even if you are not with a party and against the whole concept of politics, and if you change your mind you should make sure you stick with the ruling party. Because that has long term and short term benefits. It also saves you among your new circle from the old politics bashing you had done. It is a very good decision by Kiran Bedi. But again if it was not for Modi, she would still be showing her middle finger to many BJP politicians. It is all because of Modi not because of BJP.

You know I did not really have an opinion till I started writing this. but now that I have written I have one more point to make. She was a tough super cop and I would say non negotiable 🙂 which makes a lot of sense in administrative services. But if you give political power in the hands of a mind that is non-negotiable it can have a lot of impacts. The question is, will she align with BJP and work or will she work on her own. There will surely be party dynamics that will be become public dramatics. A Supercop is great but there is nothing called a Superpolitician, there is only a politician. From what we know about Kiran Bedi, if she is the old supercop she will not be easy on BJP, if not she is a politician… as I said there is no superpolitician


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  1. She’s become a contradiction….

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