The 30 day Love Haiku Challenge

When the last year ended and this year started as a single human family in this world we faced some very terrible events of hatred and violence. I wrote about them and unleashed my agony and helplessness through my words for a few days after each event and then did not know what to do. I decided to take up a 30 day challenge to write one haiku on love every day for the next 30 days. It started on January 7th and ended on Feb 5th. Here are the 30 haiku’s in one place now

Haiku #1
love more
than your ability
to hate

Haiku #2
your lips should be free
to be locked with
that of others

Haiku #3
have in excess
yet stay healthy
a love diet

Haiku #4
Love is blind in one eye
but lack of love
blinds both eyes

Haiku‬ #5
What happens under
the blanket stays
under the blanket

Haiku‬ #6
The rose petals on her face
spoke a million words
in one kiss

‎Haiku‬ #7
emails, likes, shares, calls, texts
all unaccounted between
a love and a you

‎Haiku‬ #8
war is unfair
but Love is fair
even in a war

‎Haiku‬ #9
no mobile phone week
text starved
teenage lovers

‎Haiku‬ #10
Find a love train
that does not stop
at any hate station

‎Haiku‬ #11
when hate is taught to
every love that is born
peace gets fucked

‎Haiku‬ #12
hate kills before 3
count to infinity
with love

Haiku‬ #13
one right of any living being
should never be denied
the right to be loved

‎Haiku‬ #14
a short text reply
to a long email
end of love

Haiku‬ #15
there is heartache
and some headache
as love boils

‎Haiku‬ #16
waiting for the
stupid phone to ring
long distance love

‎Haiku‬ #17
hard to forget
however insignificant
futile loves

‎Haiku‬ #18
long walks on seashore
holding hand in hand
picture love

‎Haiku‬ #19
my eyes wish to feel
every bit of you
sitting on your eyelashes

Haiku‬ #20
hate is a problem;
and lack of love
a bigger problem

‎Haiku‬ #21
Those hot Winters and
blanket pulled on summers
lovers fever

Haiku‬ #22
Leaving a sentence midway
so emotions can ride
hugs that speak more

‎Haiku‬ #23
Allowing the flowers
to pride on its thorns
don’t bother what people say

‎Haiku‬ #24
the ability to miss someone
and long for them
love being human

Haiku‬ #25
Wait with love by the gates
Where hearts are closed by hate
patience is priceless

‎Haiku‬ #26
falls gifting you bruises
falls uplifting your essence
falling in love

‎Haiku‬ #27
infinite value of
locked up treasures
man and his lost key of love

‎Haiku‬ #28
two in an illusion
of being one.
people in Love

‎Haiku‬ #29
I am one part love and
I am one part hate
And I take sides to be good

‎Haiku‬ #30
exercise more love
and lose hate
the thirty day challenge

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