Reading And Writing – You And Your Teen

BooksWe all know that at some point early in life we learned to read and write. Then we mastered the skill at various levels so we can comprehend, express and communicate in this world. We as a society consider these two skills as primary to grow oneself.

But we have also seen that many people reduce reading as they grow up and many never write seriously at all. Why? The question is something people need to ask themselves even if they know that the most evident answer is ‘Lack of Time’.

If you have kids and you engage in their learning process and have seen them progress from alphabets to words to sentences to grammar it is apparent that as they enter their teens you also want them to read more and even write more. Knowing that this extra reading and writing deteriorated for you as you grow; how do you make reading and writing important for your teen. How do you establish that regime way ahead in life and ensure it does not slip away.

It is no more about being literate, it is about constantly reading and writing and contributing to the world of content. In the world of technology one can easily miss out that connection with the word as it used to be earlier. One can also use technology to enhance their reading and writing. There is a way how this can change for you and your teens….

So why should you and your teens Read and Write more. It is simple reading and writing helps in building their imagination, comprehension, expression and communication unlike a TV or any other moving image screen.

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