Vogue’s ‘My Choice’ was good marketing but a poor choice

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.57.49 AM

screenshot from Video

For me this is not “The Deepika Padukone Vogue Video; Were the rest of the women shown in the video invisible to people?

The video just talks about choices… Are choices bad? No… My problem is they spoke about “sex before marriage” and “sex outside marriage” but missed out “sex inside the marriage”…. 😦 Why?

Do they think sex inside marriage is less important..? or is it not a very happening thing…

OR Did the “No sex” comment in the video refer to “sex inside marriage”? Then the video should be really empowering to some and there is something people can really work on and move from “No Sex inside Marriage” to “Lots of sex inside marriage…..” may be that is the real problem

At least that is the message I got from the video… Did I miss something? Hope I am on the right track…..

Jokes aside, the point is simple Vogue wanted it to go viral and they used women empowerment with some bold and vague statements as a marketing technique and it worked because people started talking for and against it….. That is what happened…

Let us accept that this is a marketing effort and in no way a social reform initiative… if anyone thinks it was then I guess they need to think again…. at least that is my 2 cents…. and if Vogue tries to promote that it is another of the marketing technique

But I agree this is Good marketing but poor choice on Vogue’s end I guess….. it is a fashion and lifestyle magazine, I don’t know if anyone expected them to change the world.. I did not so I really don’t care about the video….

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