Depression Oppression – Poem#27 – National Poetry Month

aggression-487274_1920Depression is a wicked bastard
invisible, faceless, shadowless; spineless
You cannot see it, touch it, dodge it, bear it
A scoundrel feeding on you little by little
making you hungry for something that
you cannot define

It exists when you think and when you don’t think;
it appears on your face
It sleeps when you sleep but
wakes you up during your sleep
It tricks you over and over again…

It is dormant for some
Not knowing that it exists
unaware they are slowly eaten inside out
It does not have a reason
It just wants to be there

Depression might be invisible
But it is not invincible
You need to attach a reason
even if there is none
a reason for the depression to feed on
You need to trick depression
Beat it at its own game

Depression fears selflessness
Depression cannot live in selfless minds
Find a selfless reason for you to work on
a reason you can push into your depression’s throat
not one but one after the other
keep pushing it till depression chokes

Depression is not an illusion it is a fact; accept it
It is invisible; but not invincible; accept that as well
You can fight it, trick it, break it, kill it
You can live beyond and above it
Step outside your self…. look at the world
Give Back with love
Be selfless because depression is all about the ‘self’
give depression a reason to go extinct itself