Talking to an 8 year old about the SF Pride Parade and Queerala

IMG_20150627_202319“Why are we going to the SF Pride Parade tomorrow” Rahi asked. And I told him that before only a man and women were able to marry.
“like you and mom” he said
“Yes like me and mom…. and they did not allow a man and man or a woman and woman to marry”

“Oh” he said… though he has already learned from somewhere that marriage was only between a man and woman and not between people of same gender. So his ‘oh’ had a bit of a confusion as to why should that even be an issue.

So I took him closer and said “If two people love don’t you think they should be able to marry? even if they are a man and man or a woman and woman?”
He said “Oh sure… yes…” He did not have a slightest hesitation in saying that because in his mind love is above everything else and may be he understands rights better than many people.
The right to marry and be together should be because of the existence of love and a choice individuals have. It does not take a lot to tell kids that. The problem is when we tell them some things are wrong.

I told him “For years many people used to love but never be able to marry and that was not right and they used to have this event” He nodded his head
“and this year the event will be so big because now all people who love can marry and be together” I said and he smiled. I am sure he will learn more at the Parade tomorrow.

And I added “We are going to San Francisco Parade but they also have an event in Kerala, papa’s home town… and we need to make a poster for that and take it to San Francisco and we all will take a picture and send it back to support it”

“What is it called” He asked
“Queerala” I said
“Queerala…?” He asked again
“Yes I said… Queerala…”

And the picture here is he and his sister Rhea (and Reyna joins :)) coloring up the Queerala logo that I drew for them… This is for supporting Queerala from San Francisco….

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