A Friendship day post: When you unknowingly stumble on milestones inLife

old and newToday I spoke to Hussain​ after a few long months and as we spoke he mentioned his son has joined engineering for his first year and when I kept the phone down, I wondered wow… indeed time has passed…

Me and Koya had met first while in our first year at REC Calicut and we have journeyed a lot together and separate and without us realizing we had just bumped on a milestone in our life… One whole cycle was starting a new beginning… or time repeating itself for him…..

And as I wish his son Siddu all the best, I will also tell him, be a friend like your dad… because there are many like me who can live on a friendship like his to cherish for lifetime…..

Nothing is more important than being able to take emotions from years behind you and feel it the same way both in your heart and in your eyes…


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