Dear Peaceful Religious friends; You are guilty of Intolerance and silence

Niloy NeelThink of a world where you cannot speak and then you will understand why it is important to speak up against religious fanaticism and violence. This year four secular bloggers have been hacked to death by Islamist militants in Bangladesh. Niloy Roy the 40 year old secular blogger being the fourth. Ananta, Avijit, and Washiqur all had been killed by the islamic religious fanatics.

Every such incident tells the world that religion is capable of creating more perverts and some religion does it more than others because people who are not perverts do not do enough or did not do enough to oppose it. Because they too remain intolerant in their own way and silent when they are not hurt

As an atheist I might have my personal opinions against the concept of religion and God in general but I respect a person’s right to believe in something even if I do not believe in it. The problem comes when someone forces me to say I believe and also stop me from speaking my mind. The problem comes when the world becomes more violent

Fear is a big weapon for a religion be it the fear of death, fear of hell of fear of a bully called God. Religion thrives on fear though people like to say love. No one kills to show love.

It is a fact that there is a bigger violent network that feeds and gets its inspiration from the islam religion more than any other religion and that fact cannot be denied, not even by muslims. Atrocities happen in the name of every religion and we have militants in all religions including the so called peaceful buddhism. And so calling islam alone as the ‘religion of peace’ is becoming more and more an oxymoron

When does a religion need change?

If your religion has a Blasphemy law then there is something wrong with it and needs to change… If your religion dictates Intolerance then there is something wrong in it and need to change….. If your religion advocates violence against anyone there is something wrong with it and you need to change…. If your religion asks you to treat the non believer differently then it is wrong and you need to change…..If your religion says it is the only truth then you have choice to believe it but it is still wrong for everyone else… If it is easier to take violent interpretations of your religion then there is something seriously wrong and you need to change.. The answer is simple you need to acknowledge the wrong in your religion and change before these fanatics take over your religion. It is for your faith and not for our non belief.

It becomes your responsibility to not support any such doctrines that becomes the base of senseless violence.

Why is your intolerance and silence the biggest threat to the world?

wnaaAround the world there are many who have fought for the rights of the minorities and muslims have been receivers of this benevolency in many places. Even when charlie hebdo happened there were many who said it was not right to draw mohammed and what did you do, you agreed with a smile to it like you had a right to oppose anyone who draws the prophet… Well you are wrong….. You are completely wrong. It is the big heart of the non-muslims who said it is not right to draw the prophet and demean your belief. It was a poke on your very idea of blasphemy…

If you are a human before you are a muslim you should say “It is ok to draw, it does not matter, no one can touch my belief” Do you think your belief is so fragile that it crumbles under a pen or a brush? Well if so then it is high time you rethink

When you find people taking machetes against pens and brushes it is your responsibility to be on the side of the pen and brush even if that words and brush strokes are against what you believe. Because you live in a world where non muslims also live and you need to speak for their rights as well….

It is your responsibility to stand up for the pens and brushes slain my machetes. If not you are being intolerant and silent and you are guilty of it. Your role as a human being is to speak against violence and not to protect a religion that many of us do not believe in. A religion does not need any protection, it will take care of itself and give it the space to evolve..

Be Responsible; Be Tolerant and Don’t remain silent my dear peaceful religious friends… If you are then Thank you.. If not you are GUILTY.. GUILTY… GUILTY…

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