Gandhi’s Grandson in a Old Age Home; But why is it a Big News?

GandhiA news circulating that Kannubhai Ramdas Gandhi one of Bapu’s Grandson is in an old Age home with his wife. After living in US most of his life he and his wife returned to India in 2014 and as the news goes they did not get help they needed from family and now in an old age home and feeling bad about the plight of the old age home…

Why is this a big news? Rather than discussing the philosophical question of living in old age and the social question of how to improve the plight of every one in every old age home and the important humanist question of how can there be more help for someone in old age who needs help; why is there a news just about the Grandson of Bapu. Does it really matter that he is Bapu’s Grandson?

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 10.29.04 AMI might sound a bit inconsiderate here because the person I am talking about is at an age 87 when you are often beaten by the perils of a life on earth and at 45 I should be more considerate than I am now. But I will take that hit to make a point.

My point is help for a man who is 87 should be because he is 87 and needs help and not because he is Mahatma Gandhi’s Grandson and has played in Bapu’s lap. Unless we are saying that being a grandson of Bapu should get special consideration, if so how many generations should we be indebted to privileges… and why only Bapu, what about the countless people who fought for independence and were not known….

If people three generations from pre-independence come and tell their grand father fought for independence; will there be special privileges? Answer that taking into consideration that many freedom fighters who have post independence been hanged to death by Red Tapes that prevented them from getting their well deserved basic necessities to just survive an old age that was the result of sacrificing the prime of their life for the freedom of this country. We cannot be unfair to them. And if you want ask Bapu what would be think on this?

Gandhi1I don’t know this Grandson of Bapu or what his contribution has been to India, it’s people and the Indian Government is to get special privileges…. Help him as an 87 year old who needs help like anyone else… And an 87 year old who spent most of his life in US or an 87 year old who spend all his life in India… Who should be first in India Government’s responsibility for privileges?

Anyone who asks for privileges in the name of their ancestors (or someone asking on behalf of someone) should be discouraged because that makes many people in the present insignificant for the lack of famous ancestors.

And Here he says he did not get help from other people in Gandhi Family… that is a personal family matter and not a national issue …. period…… Let us not meddle high profile family issues with national issues and needed social issues and ignore the countless who need help….. If someone feels they need to help because of their respect for Gandhi then they can do, just like how they will help anyone. This is not a national issue, not a Delhi Govt Issue

This is Just a thought…. And I have nothing against this person whom I do not know… but if a person who spend all his life in US comes to India and has issues living in an Indian old age home, then think about others living there… An old age home in India might not be like an old age home in US and if you say you are going to raise the standards of living for just one person because he is used to living in US all his life and on a reason that he is the Grandson of the Father of Nation, you are making all old people more destitute for not having a famous grandfather.

Help the man not the Grandson and help him like any other person you will… And understand we all will get old once

The original News from where I read about this

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