Refreshing Secularism in the Arab Muslim World

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.26.06 PMListen to Nasser Dashti the Kuwaiti Activist…

Hope the morons in Saudi Barbaria and other countries understand how important it is to remove religion from public life and allow people to disown one’s own religion if they feel so or change it if they feel so and live by the modern rules of humanity and human and civil rights.

Religion can be a kind of tyranny and when you have Governments ruling its people on scriptures of ancient times how can there be fairness… you should also listen to the absolutely moronic religious counter arguments here as well… But Nasser gives some real solid points to keep the opponent bite and chew on his own tongue…

He asks… “How can an erroneous understanding continue for 14 centuries, How come only the Islamic Nation finds it difficult to understand its heritage and religious texts 🙂

This point is also a slap at those who keep saying ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. When we say all muslims do not think and behave like ISIS, it is a fact that ISIS did not derive their barbaric and inhumane culture from Stephen King’s Horror stories, they got it from the religious texts of Islam. Period… Denying that would be like closing eyes and saying it is night. Seculars like Nasser should speak out and instead of shouting to defend a religion they should correct what is wrong and what is against modern human sensibilities, be it scriptures or speeches.

As human beings we have learned a lot more about our world in the last 14 centuries and it is high time people realize that and have equality, secularism, Freedom and scientific Temperament as the most important aspects of modern life. Hope people like Nasser can bring senses to these religious mullas and fatwa factories around the world

Listen to the speech here

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