Unfold  – #38 of 365 Poems

When the leaf folds itself,
we can imagine what the shape will be.

The first thought would be that of a cocoon;
like the one from which butterflies would come.
but then it could fold further.

And what happens when it folds million times?
Will it stop remaining a leaf.

It would still be a leaf because we know,
it was a leaf before it started folding.
we know how it looked before.

But ask someone what it is.
And I tell you they will never guess.
That it is a leaf folded a million times.

We all fold so many times in life.
Some times we fold for our loved ones.
Some times we fold under pressure.
and at other times we fold because we are shy.
We fold when we hate, love and get pissed off.

But we know what we were before we started folding
Take a step back and unfold
Be that leaf again.

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