Carpe Diem!!! Rhea – Seize the Day

Today Rhea started her new Journey in College and commuting from home. Though I have always loved my SF commute with that refreshing time to all by myself, I wanted to feel how it is 6 years later.

Rahi joined me and today we took the 6:30 AM BART from Union City. I am sure Rhea will take some time to enjoy the early commute that jolts her from the bed at sometime before 6:00 AM. But she got to learn to balance responsible early mornings with fun filled late nights 🙂

The trip also had a personal pleasure for me of two hours to read. What better book to start than ‘Carpe Diem’ Seizing the Day in a distracted World by Social Philosopher Roman Krznaric that looks at the history of Horace’s iconic ‘Carpe Diem’ reference. The book takes you through the history of ‘Carpe Diem’ from Horace to #YOLO.

Reading through the author’s arguments that the true essence of ‘Carpe Diem’ has been hijacked. Well let’s see… And if we can free it to regain it’s true value or create a new one as the Author says which will encompass its usage across all its broad references in Today’s world.

But today for Rhea…. Carpe Diem!!!!! Seize the day!!!

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