For a Loved One

A glimpse of you reminds me again
Of a thousand rainbows with their vibrant colors.

In one way its true, you have like a rainbow bestowed that color in my life that I had long forgotten and lost somewhere.

You let me see the pranks of my childhood in you
You let me feel that matured sense of life in you
You let me experience that warmth of affection
You let me have all the love this world could offer

Through you I am inspired, accepted and loved
You make me believe that I am more than what I think I am
For your friends your presence lightens the lot
And for me your presence in my heart enlightens my soul

What people get from years of prays came to me as you
In you my prayers were answered a thousand times.
The times when I feel God has been partial to me :)

I think to myself, ‘can this be true?’
And then I close my eyes and I see you clear
And I know that it can’t be more true than this
For all these years I have asked just for you

Daily I want to let you know how much more I love you today
And again today I tell you as I always do

Love you like no one in world has ever done.

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