The merrier you live the more you live

When will man know that life is short
And to make it worthy long he needs to spice up
Like a bullet shot at point blank
It’s here and now, be what your rank

Opportunities, Chances and fortunes to make
Like Pillars of smoke and a roof of snow
It all vanishes in the snap of a finger
Depended and deprived he still pulls on

Hatred, Guilt and no desire to live
Mixing up with memories to rue
Choosing to end this horrifying tale of self
He burns his dreams in the fire of remorse

And on that day he sleeps tight
Preparing that night to never wake up
Deep into his sleep as he sank
His memories of life all go blank

He decides to dream, once for old time sake
To see one last time some hope to plow
He stays in his dream giving chance to linger
To make sure all is lost before moving on

The man in his dream says he is alive
Gives him the hope to get him through
And then crystal clear he pictures himself
How this life of his had taken its course

Childhood to Manhood he traversed in a fly
En route he had lost his skill to smile
Lost were all his virtues even his right to die
And now is a chance to make it worthwhile

To live it all again with happiness in mind
Making the heart drive his head
“Believe in all as you will in self
You will redeem your own self”

Make happiness for all the only reason for life
Dream of something for the greater good

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