Doing What you Love

“For some, career is a grueling reality and for some it is a passionate journey” People who are able to do what they love all day long are much more happier than the ones who endure a life not doing what they like. There are a lot of people who land up on their dream […]


Social Media Relationships

Social Media Relationships will influence the relation building process across businesses with much vigor than it happens now. While the majority of the Social media space is being used by personal choice, the time is not far when people start using it for strategic business needs. Sales is an evident beneficiary for this, so will […]


You need People to Build Bridges

The Business and Technology folks often live disconnected from one another in many ways. They assume that new tools and new process will help them bridge the gap. This is often so untrue and the result is that both parties come up and blame the process and tools later on. The cost of this effort […]