No Social Media Experts – Only researchers

Who is a Social Media expert? One who has written books, or someone who has been making money using Social Media, or someone who consults small and large corporations on implementing social media strategies, or would it be some one who gives talks on Social Media. May be all of them, may be none of them.

In my opinion, I believe there are no experts. This is too young a field to claim expertise on, not yet in my view. But as I have seen it grow I understand that it has become an integral part of life, so important that many would relate the phenomenon to other basic needs like walking, thinking, talking, seeing and more.

There are of course countless books being written on social media, and the interesting fact is that every new book has its relevance and I still feel it is difficult to claim to be an expert in the field. And this is why…

  • Social Media still has a long way to go
  • Businesses are always researching how to use it
  • New users are exploring it daily
  • Existing users are exploring new things Daily
  • New products in social media are released daily
  • New ideas are debated every day
  • The more you know the more the unknown

Social media today is not what it will be tomorrow, it was obviously not what it was yesterday. It is going to maintain this dynamic nature at least for quite some time I would expect. So everyone who practices it are in reality researchers and not experts all contributing to finding ways to use and reuse it for one need or other.
And by saying so I don’t mean to hurt the claims of anyone who reads this, but this is also relevant for businesses who hire a Social media consultant and expect magic to happen. No! it won’t.

There are a lot of excellent social media consultants (I still don’t like using the word experts) who can propel your business brand in the social media well, but due to the nature of the media, he or she is going to encounter new things and so as a business it is also your duty to give time and investment so the consultant could perform. he will have to conduct research within the media for your business and position you and then continuously tweak your position to remain visible.

It took years for man to bring his intelligence together to make a wheel or a pulley, Social media might not be an invention of the same stature but will definitely make future innovation  happen at a blazing speed. Social Media will bring collaborative intelligence to race towards solutions to every day problems

And when that happens businesses big and small will scramble to be there. It is just like how no one had website sometime ago and now, see where we stand.

If you are not on Facebook, you don’t have a recognizable face
If you are not on twitter, No one can judge if you or your competition is better
If you are not on LinkedIn, all feel you are blocked out

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