The Market Readiness Philosophy

Market Readiness is important because that’s what makes business sense and that is the thing if overlooked can adversely effect your product’s marketability Market Readiness is not about Marketing your product but shaping your product to be Marketable. Thousands of products are being developed in parallel across the world addressing specific niches the product owners […]


Business Relationships in Social Media

Social Media is a great place for personal connections, and can be even more powerful as a business connection point. But if not properly managed and monitored, you can end up spending much more time than you intent to and be carried away in the maze, not able to give proper business justification for the […]


Social Media Relationships

Social Media Relationships will influence the relation building process across businesses with much vigor than it happens now. While the majority of the Social media space is being used by personal choice, the time is not far when people start using it for strategic business needs. Sales is an evident beneficiary for this, so will […]