Business Relationships in Social Media

Social Media is a great place for personal connections, and can be even more powerful as a business connection point. But if not properly managed and monitored, you can end up spending much more time than you intent to and be carried away in the maze, not able to give proper business justification for the same

Formulating a plan and deciding where all to connect is often the first step to start building and assuming that many people already are part of one social network or the other here is a process that can make life easier and make you reachable

An underlining philosophy is that you need to be visible, connected and reachable.

Step 1 – Start a Blog
If you don’t you are loosing out on a very powerful tool that can improve your reach and reputation.

Step 2 – Use LinkedIn

since many professionals are part of LinkedIn, the success is not in registering but in using it to connect, involve in discussions and more

Step 3 – Join Facebook
Make Facebook your preferred Social Networking platform, you will be amazed to see how many people both personal and professional use it and this also gives you a basic idea into what interests the people you know.

Step 4 – Search Twitter
People keep tweeting about your expertise and area of interest almost every time. As the most powerful and emerging business and personal branding arena, you need to be on it

Step 5 – Share FriendFeed
Let people know what you read, and know what the people who interest you like. Get connected, converse and build

Step 6 – Keep Bookmarking
Digg, Delicious, Magnolia, Reddit, and more, share your thoughts via the service of your choice.

Step7 – Subscribe to a Reader
Google reader, my favorite spot on the web keeps me informed with news, alerts on my business and prospects.

Now for the biggest problem of all, finding the time to use all these; there are a variety of tools that can help you to integrate and make these process faster.

If you start spending ½ hour per day managing your Social Media Relationships, you can find in a few days that your ½ hour actually helps you to be connected which otherwise would take you around 5 hours to do so.

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