Tharoor Resigns! Now What…?

“If you throw the past through the door, it will come back chasing you through the windows.”

It is quite unfortunate for me to write this post after my last post It’s so Tharooristic where I still held on to my hopes that the whole tiff would get over like any other controversy that Shashi was involved in. But I guess I was wrong.

Now where does that put me. As I said in my last post if this controversy turns out to be true it would suck, so bottom line of what I feel is It sucks. But then I also mentioned that if it were true I would take it as yet another victory of democracy and will look forward for more refinement in the political scene.

But why is Shashi’s position different?

I was wondering what would be the reasons for Shashi’s position to be much different from other politicians who have resigned before.

Shashi’s following is to a large extent non political and that will make a big difference as an ousted minister. This could be a good and bad thing based on which route he wishes to take after this debacle.

Shashi did not have a previous political role before contesting the election and that puts him in a tight spot for two reasons. Firstly If he has to continue working his way in politics he has to do so with the grass route level political engine, it might be a tough thing for him for his supporters are not really other political aspirers.

Secondly if he decides to leave politics for good, he would have to find another avenue to contribute to the nation (nation and not mother earth). If he does not remain in india and continue his life then he have to answer to many people in front of whom he has mentioned his reasons to be in india.

Moreover unlike other politicians he is forced to take this defeat very personally as his personal life has been pulled into the controversy and he has absolutely no support from his political peers.

If the controversy remains unsolved that will also leave a taint on his years of diplomatic efforts across the world. Being a representative to the world from the largest democracy all his life, this classic tale of democratic entertainment will require him to explain his turf everywhere he goes on from here.

The Role of Social media

Being a very active social media person as well as a celebrity who created his social media following within a small period, it has created a growing reference of him which is now part of his life. Whether he wants to or not this is going to grow for some more time unless he abstains from its use all together.

If he abstains the use of social media, it will adversely effect him as he will loose his most powerful tool of communicating to the masses. If he gets back active in the social network, it will enable him to clear his name and ensure that his reasoning reaches the masses.

So in the future Social media, Twitter and the lot will be his only backing. So Shashi keep tweeting.

What is the Corruption?

The resignation is to save the face of the party and an action to suppress the opposition’s pressure and not not a clear indication of corruption for profiting. That leaves the ordinary tharoorist to feel that there is still something that is not right and needs clarification from the maestro himself

I don’t think anyone who is liberal and intelligent enough will have anything to do with his personal life, how many people he marries and how many he falls in love with. It is his own life, thats the new way of looking at things.

But then as referenced to Pompeia, Ceaser’s ex wife the proverb holds true “ceaser’s wife must be above suspicion”

The credibility and reasoning of whom you associate with is a choice of yours and for that Shashi is answerable. If you are associated with someone and that someone profits in a deal for which you have been acting as a mentor, then you are not completely in the right court and in that case Shashi can’t deny his part.

If Shashi was corrupted not for the reason of profiting but for the reason of being blinded by love, closeness or any such thing, then the weakness is an issue that restricts his continuing in public leadership position

A true and honest public life is where you or everyone associating with you are not favored in their life in anyway. If they are favored using your position, then you have a moral responsibility to address it. You can act naive, dumb and unaware, but the intelligent voter needs a better explanation from someone whom they regard quite capable in his own way

So there is a corruption for sure, but should Shashi be penalized, I would at least weigh his efforts both positive and negative in the past 11 months and then make a call.

Congress does not own Shashi to make this call, but that’s politics, and they have to make a decision to save the party as supporting one man can’t put so many under scrutiny. But they can’t deny him a fair hearing in the people’s own twittervile.

Let’s wait and see what unravels in the next hours and days!

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