Walking on Coal for Self Confidence – Murdering Childhoods

I am saddened at hearing the news of kids being made to walk bare footed on burning coal. An incident reported in Indian Express today that seemed to have happened in a private school in Surat, India as an effort to build self confidence. The said school they say is Riverdale Academy in Surat. I tried googling them, but could not see a website.

The news came up in the indian express today and can be read here.

If this is true, it was even sad to know that the parents witnessed the ninety minutes ordeal that left kids crying with pain.

When will this end?

When will parents learn that kids have rights too. When will they understand that kids are not tools to live their own unlived life. When will the parents know that the kid needs hugs and not a ton of homework and after school activities to kill his or her childhood. When will these lesser life forms learn that its ok to be second. When will they realize that you cant recreate your image in your child. When will they accept that their inability to achieve their dreams is not a reason to sabotage the dreams of their kids

Let them Play

Let them play to the tunes of their heart for some more time so that their heart gets stronger as they grow.

Let they be childish for some more time for that will make them stronger in life.

Let them see life through their own eyes and not be blinded by their parents short vision.

Let them grow at their own pace, the world will wait for it needs more happy folks.

Let them learn what they want to learn for they will excel only in what they like.

If being educated means being inhuman, I rather not get educated. I wish to be a human before I am an educated one. Paying more for kids education is not the way you show your affection and care for them. It is by spending time to listen to them and tell them what you know about the world.

Just checked who handles the education part in India and seems like there is no special position for education but it comes under Kapil Sibal, the minister of human resources development. He is is assisted by two Ministers of State, one for each department: Ali Ashraf Fatmi (Minister of State for School Education and Literacy) and Daggubati Purandeswari (Minister of State for Higher Education).

So the person in the central government who should act on news such as what happened in Riversale academy is Ali Ashraf Fatimi. From the Gujarat state it should be Shri Ramanlal Vorawho is the education minister.

Sadly none of them are on twitter and not much of them on the internet either. If this was a news under people like shashi tharoor, you would have had a chance to voice it straight to them.

Ministers should be on twitter by default so the citizens can reach out to them faster

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3 replies

  1. yes it was just horrible.
    but yet the school does not felt guilty.
    it is a crme…..should be stopped.

  2. One thing, I can tell about you is “YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND”

    – Student Of Riverdale School.

    • Hi Sahil, I understand your sentiments,

      You must have also seen the news that came in Indian express on 20th April 2010 the link to which I have put in my blog. It also appeared on Rediff the next day which I checked again today and someone have very conveniently cut and paste a part of this blog post as their comment, I am OK as everything is good for the right cause 🙂

      Now to your comment, I support your right to object what I have written, but as long as the authorities have not denied it or taken steps to explain I will have to keep the story.

      My whole blog is if this happens (as per the article on Indian express) . So as students (and I see you have a blog) you should put your opinion on it. Appreciate your comment and hope to see your part of the story on your site

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