Why do People Cheat?

Well why do they?

The easiest answer and the most common reason we are taught is they are bad or that bad people cheat. As a kid you learn this, you know it is bad and yet you grow up to having done this some time in our life.

Many would claim no to this while some might not really have, so you can take the benefit of doubt and head out of the door, you are either too pious for me or an absolute pig, either way we don’t go well.

For me cheating does not have to be severe like copying in exams or cheating on your partner or cheating someone of their money. Cheating can be as small as being late for something and giving a reason just to not be ridiculed.
And the reason of people being bad does not go well with me, I think it is quite wrong because as kids we don’t aim to grow up to be bad in any way and yet we develop a few bad traits.

A more convincing reason for me is fear. People who are afraid tend to cheat more and the more they cheat the more afraid they are about things in life.

It takes balls to be truthful; it is not for the weak hearts.

When you fear that you will loose something it prompts you to cheat, even the slightest deviation from your expected course will push you to taste cheating, be it small, be it a minuscule aberration of righteousness, but one does get pushed there.

So how do we overcome this human urge because I don’t think animals cheat. So is it a product of higher intelligence? May be yes.

Interestingly it is not always a conscious effort, many times one does so unknowingly, unaware that you are stepping on the line and passing into the troubled lands of the wrong.

Again people try it because it looks like a very simple solution that does not tear apart anyone, just a simple moment of lie that no one gets hurt and saves everyone some moments of embarrassment.

Ironically sometimes it even looks like the right thing to do. Weird as it can get!

But I guess you have to first address what happens consciously and then it will by itself address what happens unknowingly.

Here are some things I believe in

  1. You don’t have to give a shit of what people think
  2. The short escape might look right now; but the journey of life is too long to keep escaping every single time
  3. You don’t loose anything by being true,You just give away the things that you gained by a lie.
  4. Anyone can start being true anytime. And if the past comes back and it will, you will happily welcome it with both hands
  5. There is no damn thing as asking forgiveness and nothing like life after death, no hell, no heaven, it is all in this beautiful planet.
  6. You don’t do something thinking you can make amends later. Don’t ever think you can get away, what you throw out through the window will one day knock at your doors, and in this very life time. If not, you are lucky son of a gun, but there is no way to know right?
  7. If you think you are smart by cheating. The truth is you are not, you are just too afraid to have your balls in the line.
  8. You might prove that you are not cheating but the fact is the world is filled with people who have the same intelligence as yours and know right from wrong, who the f**k are you trying to fool.

It is like everyone has a window of his own that opens to a world of righteousness. Some clean it real hard so that the inside and outside start looking the same. Some clean it less and live with it. Some put curtains on them and don’t let the light come in and live their own dark ways.

Clean your windows, or it will break your walls one day

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2 replies

  1. I love every bit of it said here and the spirit with which it is written as well.
    A very daring post and logical one, only thing is implementation part may / may be possible to people because it has impacts on many things such as loosing their beloved ones or other emotional connections and what not!
    But yes, if you try to think and implement it then you may not be connected to people as you will be least caring about others.
    Many times people do cheat (as by nature you mentioned the fear), but the implication of telling the truth has higher cost and hence may be they are stuck with it.
    It will differ scenario to scenario I guess.

    A very thought provoking post
    Keep it up!

  2. “It takes balls to be truthful; it is not for the weak hearts.”

    I must say u got the balls to say it all. We all cheat…if we didnt then we are angels. You have explained well at several places what cheating can be..we may not consider it as cheating but technically they are.
    Great write up…u deserve a round of applause.

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