Social Media Advertising and Communities

Why advertise in a Social Network like Facebook or MySpace or LinkedIn, why is it different? And why is it becoming more and more relevant as time goes.

I asked this question to myself some time ago and the answer I found was that to be heard worth a dime you need to shout out about your business in a place where people interested in your products hangout and not in a crowd where people are running with no phase or emotion attached to them.

Communities are a group of loyal followers of a cause, need or belonging to a buyer portfolio. If it was a small town and you sell winter jackets, you could just step into the local bar in the evening and pull a chair step on it and tell the people there, and most of the town will get to know. Even if you stand there handing over pamphlets would work.

So the simple answer is that if you need to sell winter jackets in a place that is cold and where people hang out. Social Media helps targeted advertising and that’s a great way to get noticed in this maze called the internet.

Now Advertising is one way, but what if you can have a community of people who are your current and future customers, it’s a gold diggers dream come true

Today people hangout on the internet, and more over they have their presence in more than one place at the same time. They are on facebook community discussion as well as they are in a forum talking about finger foods, and then in the next minute they are commenting on a blog.

How do you bring these people all together to hear what you got to say, a community…. Your own community

A community is build by its people and the sheer passion of its moderator or builder and your first step is in finding just that person who can build the community for the passion of it.

Again as always, if you miss the passion and the genuine feel to give to a community you can never build one.

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