Can low Twitter Following Make business sense?

The Answer is Yes…..

More twitter followers need not mean more Popular, though many wish to think the other way. We are not talking about celebrities, but the typical you and me who are known only to a few of our friends and their friends and now may be to a few hundreds, thanks to the arrival of the Social Media.

If you have thousands of followers and a 5% of the same number as the ones you are following, you are kind of popular. If you have thousands of almost equal number of followers and following, you are just shaking hands with a lot of folks without looking at their faces.

It is practically not possible to be genuinely interested and follow, contribute and enrich the tweet lives of thousands all at the same time.

But twitter is all about following and being followed isn’t it?

Good question, it sure is, but I am here to writing this blog so we can make some business sense and not play the game of u-follow I-follow

So for those playing the game, enjoy but never regret the time spend on this and understandably you will be happy, given you achieve what you want

Now for those who are trying to make some business sense of social media and trying to justify their time spend on this, the good news is it’s a great tool, and the even better news is that you don’t need a load of followers to start making business sense of this tool.

I have just 124 followers and I follow 116 people, and it is still making business sense to me and justifying the time spend

How you make business sense is quite up to you as business dynamics are different for all, before you succumb to the glorious stories of gaining brand advantage and the possibilities of reachability via twitter, you need to sit back and evaluate what makes business sense to you, Branding, Lead Generation, Actual converted business, Valuable information that can enrich your business life etc….

Here is a few steps I followed that made business sense using twitter

1. Before starting, ask the question why should you use Twitter?
2. Who do you wish to connect via twitter? (name a few that matter to you)
3. Why are you connecting with them?
4. Who should follow you on Twitter? (name a few whose following you will matter to you)
5. Why should they be following you? (your need to be followed and their reason to follow you)
6. How much time do you plan to spend on Twitter
7. How much time will you give to evaluate your time spend
8. What will be a justifiable return for you to keep tweeting?
9. What tools should you use to make sure you can efficiently track, manage and use twitter?

My primary tool in using twitter in business is listening to the tweets as they contain valuable information not found elsewhere.

I provide technology solutions to businesses and this twitter listening helps me in the following

  • Know who my potential prospects are, and also get me to know more about my prospects and see if they have a concern that my skills can address.
  • Know who my prospects are following (Here people following corporate brands give me more valuable information)
  • Being Ready with information as I try connecting Offline with a prospect

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