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No Social Media Experts – Only researchers

Who is a Social Media expert? One who has written books, or someone who has been making money using Social Media, or someone who consults small and large corporations on implementing social media strategies, or would it be some one who gives talks on Social Media. May be all of them, may be none of them.

In my opinion, I believe there are no experts. This is too young a field to claim expertise on, not yet in my view. But as I have seen it grow I understand that it has become an integral part of life, so important that many would relate the phenomenon to other basic needs like walking, thinking, talking, seeing and more.

There are of course countless books being written on social media, and the interesting fact is that every new book has its relevance and I still feel it is difficult to claim to be an expert in the field. And this is why…

Can low Twitter Following Make business sense?

The Answer is Yes…..

More twitter followers need not mean more Popular, though many wish to think the other way. We are not talking about celebrities, but the typical you and me who are known only to a few of our friends and their friends and now may be to a few hundreds, thanks to the arrival of the Social Media.

If you have thousands of followers and a 5% of the same number as the ones you are following, you are kind of popular. If you have thousands of almost equal number of followers and following, you are just shaking hands with a lot of folks without looking at their faces.