Is he Cheating on You?

This is an ad that is being run by Google Ads. I stumbled on it as I was browsing “Times of India”. This is by a company called Spokeo which is a Social Network aggregator that pulls in data from various social sites.

cheating-thumb-300x300What I loved is the tag line for this ad “Is he cheating on you?” Enter his email address and find out. Before you start saying that these ads are not random but targeted to the person based on his online footprints and that I had something to do in having seen it in the first place, don’t bother to get into any creative conclusions 🙂

Online Life is all about Transparency

Though I am not sure I understand the greatness of the service (as the ad says) it could be really useful for someone (male or Female) who mistrusts their spouse to find what they are up to online. I can assume the market for it but don’t have any data to comment much on it. But what made me happy in a way was it gave boost to my long time theory that the online world will become a world of transparency and in the end someday be a place where those people exist who are fearless about their interactions. If you have something to hide you don’t come online. That is so cool in the long run and where the world is heading most of the people with an internet connection will find themselves online.  But I wonder if the ad makers think only men cheat or do they have a different version that gives equality for women

Not being online will not save you

This is now not about people who are online, if you are referenced online by others, you are still at the mercy of being picked up by this service if someone tries to find about you. That leaves you no choice but be online and present yourself correctly before being misrepresented. This also boosts my another post a while ago about the responsibility one has to safeguard their own reputation online.

The Scary Part

You should not have to be scared if you are transparent and truthful. But if the analysis done by the service from the data they have proves wrong or people get really imaginative in their conclusions of the results we have could have a problem in hand. Online interactions are not a replacement for offline interactions but they do mirror in a way and so a misinterpretation of your online action can turn to be a misinterpretation of your offline life. Also at leisure imagine your life online being analyzed by people other than your spouse like cyber stalkers. And what if some conservative junkie with an aim to push up the moral policing world over takes a stab at all these.

The importance of a Marketing Message

Finally for everything you do your Marketing Message means a lot. I agree that the online social media scene being so new and unknown and after Facebook and Twitter people think that there is so much money to be made here and so many services to be given around this. This only increases the responsibility on marketing messages and they have to be sensible in my opinion. I don’t know about Spokeo and I can’t comment on their service. But when I see an ad like this I am worried not about people using it but basing their life’s decisions on the results they get from it.

Relationships and your life as a whole is much more than the social footprints you leave or the comments and shares and likes you get and that realization is the most important thing in being able to share your life online and be happy about it.

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2 replies

  1. Agree with your views Vinod, interesting read.

  2. I have to admit I almost got caught up in this craziness. Had I nothing read this I would still. Be trying to see if I can catch him doing something. And you brought me back down to earth. I feel embarrassed. For even entertaining the cheating search. Thank you for writing this sometimes we need a to be slapped back to reality.

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