Have you thought about content migration?

Change is part of life…and when you are talking about business systems then change is inevitable because your business grows and so does new versions of software get released…in some cases you are forced to upgrade and in some case you might need a total over haul.

When it comes to content management systems…over the past few years we have seen more of changes as consolidations and end of life are nearing for many solutions….also moving from static websites to dynamic websites is key for small businesses.. The enterprises are already in the Dynamic content wagon…

What happens is that when a change is proposed the biggest reality that hits you is you have so much content to migrate and if you have been using your system for long enough you can be assured that the amount of content is also significant…

Well this post is not to say about content migration….but to let you think about content migration before you propose to change your content management system……

You can change your CMS but don’t forget that you also have to migrate…see ahead..well ahead…

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