SocialCRM in 2012

Let us admit Social CRM for many companies is about how well they can sell more which might not be the correct thing given the potential of Social Media to enhance your business. Yes Profits and revenue are important but they don’t happen without customers and that means customers who are happy with you.

Take a step back and get yourself out of the upsell-crosssell syndrome and think “Why does my customer remain my customer? That would be an energizing discussion, but that is only the tip of the iceberg that you need to break to be successful in reaching out.

The Real Question

The second question is what am I doing wrong that I don’t get the customers I want or even better why are my customers leaving me for someone else? These questions if put in a room with all your marketing bigwigs can start a war. But the answer is simple you and your customer don’t seem to be connected.

This is where Social CRM should start from. If you were to use Social Media to first and foremost to start helping your customers then you will know the power of Social Media to retain many of the customers and create new ones.

What does the Customer expect from you?

Instead of running after the Buzz, traffic and all the Analytics there might be just a few things the customer expects from you. If you bring your customers and potential prospects together and ask a question what are the few things you want us to do? What would you hear back? Or ask them three things what they want you to do.

Now bringing your customers together is a big time consuming activity and Social Media makes it faster, and far reaching, that is where the Benefit of Social Media lie. Why should I like your Facebook Page and keep a tab on what you say? Why is it that people read a less known tech blogger than the blog of a leading technology company? Because they think they get to hear something impartial and non-sales.

Let the Customer see your Commitment

So the point is quite simple, Social CRM is all about commitment, a commitment from you to your customer that his time spend courting with you in the Social Media scene is going to benefit him first before it benefits you. Think and revamp the way you approach SocialCRM in 2012

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