Are you Creative?

After around twenty years in my work life I often keep hearing people say that they wished they had a more creative life. They are mostly referring to Artists, singers, movie actors and more who make a living working in the creative sector. I tell them creativity is not just about Arts. Yes! It is true that if you can sing, write, act or play an instrument or draw, it is great, but if you can’t does not mean you are not creative.

Often in job descriptions they say you have to be creative and it does not mean you have to be singing and showing your talent in the workplace (though people will love it during happy hours). The point is you have to be creative in the way you deal with the problems that come to you. There is no single job in this world which can add a bit of creativity in doing it. You can do these without jeopardizing processes.

The whole idea is being creative is who you are and that can be your work or your hobby.

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