What are Million Dollar Questions?

When I asked someone what a million dollar question was he just shrugged and said questions don’t have a value, it is the answers that carry the value. He was at the same time right and wrong. ‘Right’ because the answer is what ultimately bears the reasoning for the question’s existence. ‘Wrong’ because to get valuable answers you have to ask essential and valuable questions. This made me thinking what really would be a million dollar question? How can you ask them and what would they look like when you ask that to personal, professional, business and situations in the general world around us. And I wanted a simple explanation

The Million Dollar questions for a business

When you about a business it will also mean developing a product or service, marketing it and ultimately making a profit from the revenue you generate. Quite simple and so a million dollar question could be one that generates a million dollars or may be even one that makes you a million dollar in profits. If you are a product development company there can be several million dollar and even multi-thousand or multi-million dollar questions that you constantly ask within your product development and service teams the answers to which can lead you to build something valuable. Something so valuable that it can generate a million or more dollars or even save a million dollar

The Million Dollar questions for a Professional

Now when you look at a professional it would have to do with the success in his business. If you are a marketing professional your million dollar question can be equated directly to the dollar amount or your reachability in the market in the tune of millions depending on what you are marketing. A book marketer it could be a million copies, for others it might be a million potential buyers. To get a million in your answer you need to ask a million dollar question.

The Million Dollar question for someone personally

Personal reasoning varies and while many would like to equate that to a million dollars, I would say there are things that make you a million times happy. I agree this is often unquantifiable, But you get my point. There are so many questions one can ask to oneself that can change your life like you have made a million bucks or even more. The questions vary from a person to person and so does the answer. The aim ultimately is happiness and it is not a crime pursuing happiness.

The Million Dollar questions for the world we live in

Here in my opinion the dollar amount should be invisible and the questions can be so small to very big and the answers should aim at making a difference in a million lives in this world. Thomas Edison and Louis Pasteur might have asked a million ‘million dollar questions’ before their inventions that made difference in the lives of the entire world. If we look at our world today, we can also see many million dollar questions that need answers to transform the lives of millions of people.

Ask the questions, find the solutions make a difference in our life, our work and the world we live in

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