The Chosen One

The saints from the heavens came with the daily bowl of porridge
They saw me watering the plants.

They asked if I was the gardner.
I was hungry and I lied. 
”Yes I am I said”
They gave me the porridge and I was sold out on my hunger

When the old gardner came I told him what happened
I said I was sorry but he went to the elders
I pleaded to the elders but they would not listen
I called out to the mortal gods and begged mercy

They all said in one voice
“you have been chosen by the saints.
Now you will garden for the rest of your life”

Categories: Opinions, Poetry

11 replies

  1. What the earth can no longer give us heaven will provide.

  2. somehow this piece intrigues me. well penned piece. please check my entry too:

  3. hummm well done and this is a fantastic ending he was chosen to garden now for the rest of his life and he was chosen by the saints well done

  4. Very interesting and unexpected 🙂

  5. This is a very well turned piece of work!  It is fluid and reads smoothly.  Great!


  6. if the Gods are cheated like that, then the gift must be put to good use I guess.. interesting poem indeed!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  7. Sounds like an old Greek fairytale…

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