Education is Free

Education in the new age is Free for those who are ready to be self driven. I am not talking about Training. Training and Education both have a significant difference according to me

Training helps you being equipped to perform a job better, or may be even landing on a job. Education helps you build your perspective of the world.

The interesting part is that many people as they progress in their career are forced to focus just on training that helps them succeed and move up the ladder and education is pushed back due to lack of time or the absence of an immediately evident need.

Training makes you competitive and it is very important, don’t misunderstand me. It is an integral part of the corporate culture many of us belong to.

But education goes further than that, It does not put a pressure on you and you can choose to get educated in any field of your choice, at your own pace. The result might not be immediate but it will be the most useful and rewarding experience

The first step is always the toughest one.

So Choose a field, anything, don’t worry about how you are going to use it, just start learning.

In a short time you will know that you know much more and there are a good amount of people who would like to share this knowledge with them.

What can be more honorable than being in a position to positively contribute knowledge to the world.

There is a teacher in you, but first you should be ready to be a student.

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