The Scattered life of a Floating Generation

Ours is what we should be calling the Floating Generation.

Today as I was chatting with my very close friend Iqbal Mohammed, I told him something that stuck on with me. My damn life is so scattered all around and I can’t seem to get them all together. And I don’t think I will ever be able to.

When I say life is scattered I mean I have pieces of my own life scattered in every nook and corner of this world. My life is a collection of my relationships I have and when I and the people I relate to move apart it is my life that gets torn to pieces.

Sad that often people relate a life to the glories achieved and not the relationships built, no wonder many don’t feel it scattered.

Each and everyone I know takes a piece of my life with them and plants it in the place they are. As my relation with them continues I too grow there, or else that piece of my life gets defunct and lost.

When I look back I see pieces of me in Bangalore where my mom and sister live, in kerala where a majority of my close and loved ones live, Dubai and other gulf regions where so many friends from college live and work. Every single state in US, every single country in Europe, APAC, I might have a piece of me, some growing but some dormant.

It is also sad that I will never ever be able to bring all these scattered pieces of my own life together. Never, Never ever again, these are all just nostalgic memories of what I used to be

So what we claim to be our life might only a piece of it and when you look deep may be what you hold is not even the bigger piece. We die when our relationships die, piece by piece, hour by hour, till you are left with nothing.

So keep connected, for you are doing so for yourself, being connected to people in your life if a way for you to connect with your own.

I strongly believe that in a floating generation as ours where people are always in the move, it is the internet and technology that will give you that much needed environment to bring the pieces of your own scattered life together at least virtually and psychologically.

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  1. very true…..!! ..”keep connected, for you are doing so for your self…”….liked it…it's truly necessary to keep relationships alive at least to keep yourself alive….

  2. You write so well, it's a wonderful gift..keep at it. I so agree with you on this one and identitfy with those emotions too. Nicely brought about, Vinod.

  3. Well put. We are the first generation that can make at least a feeble attempt at not having our lives circumscribed by our physical location. As I write this, I can see a squirrel climbing a tree in my backyard. I have a youtube video of a (rather technical) talk held in another continent at another time on pause in another tab. Yesterday, I interacted with a friend whom I haven't seen for a year, but with whom I've been having rather intricate technical discussions over the phone at odd times and places thanks to near zero mobile phone costs – where he is doesn't matter any more. We do not merely have new gadgets and toys, we actually have new sense organs that allow us to reach out and connect across space. We do not know yet what we can do with all of these. It is an exciting time to be alive.

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