Social Media Relationships

Social Media Relationships will influence the relation building process across businesses with much vigor than it happens now. While the majority of the Social media space is being used by personal choice, the time is not far when people start using it for strategic business needs. Sales is an evident beneficiary for this, so will support, account management and all other CRM, PRM and other RM systems benefit from a collaboration and integration with the Social Media

An efficient way to harness social media intelligence to use in business is still not a true reality, meaning though tools are being designed and released daily on analyzing, and collecting data from the Social media landscape, not much people seem to have a firm idea what you do with all these info. It sounds like a great trip to take but how do you know that it heads in the right direction?

The bottom line in all business is getting to the money and the question is how fast and how high can you climb the Money Tree.

There seems to be three ideas in the social media that will be dabbled on by the marketing and the technical intelligentsia together and separately for some time

1. Social Media Acquisition
2. Social Media Consolidation
3. Social Media Integration

In the coming days we will also play around with a few of these stuff to see who would be the responsible party within an organization who will take this challenge up, the technologists or the Marketer

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